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Finding Relief From Tinnitus

Constant ringing in your ears is very difficult to deal with. Learn how you can find relief today!

Introduction to Tinnitus Devices

Tinnitus devices aim to help those suffering from tinnitus by helping them hear above the noise. Here are the three main types of devices.

Your Sinuses May Be Causing Your Ears To Ring

Colds and allergies can cause pressure to build within the sinuses. When the sinuses swell they put pressure on the ear drums. The excess pressure on the ear drums can cause ringing in the ears.

Hearing Impairment Guide

The ear, like all human organs, consists of an extremely complex system that maintains their specific body functions. Even the slightest damage to the organs can result in severe ramifications such as hearing impairment. Three parts make up the ear, the outer ear, middle and inner ear. The ear functions first by directing sound waves towards the ear canal via the pinna. Sound waves then pass through the ear drums and vibrations caused by these waves are conducted to the cochlea via the anvil, hammer and stirrup. These components are also known as the ossicles and it is the role of the cochlea to transmit nerve impulses to the brain.

Peltor Optime Earmuffs – Industrial Hearing Protection Guide

One important occupational hazard present in many jobs today is permanent hearing loss. Selecting and using industrial hearing protection is very important to protect your hearing long term.

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