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Tinnitus Treatment – Why Loud Noise Might Not Be The Cause Of Your Tinnitus

In order to find a tinnitus treatment, you should be aware of the cause. Many people believe it’s loud noise. Find out why loud noise might not be the cause of your tinnitus.

Why Do We Have Closed Captions or Subtitles?

Have you ever wondered about the closed captioning that is done on movies and television shows? It began in the early 1970s with television shows and progressed to movies a few years later. Obviously, closed captions are designed for hearing-impaired individuals.

Partial Hearing Loss and Ringing in Your Ear: What You Need to Know

A common condition that many people experience, tinnitus can cause partial hearing loss and ringing in your ear. Cases of tinnitus vary from slight to severe. Slight cases can involve a temporary light ringing or buzzing sound accompanied by a decrease in outside noise, while severe cases can interfere with the sufferer’s ability to sleep of function as they experience constant loud ringing, whining, or even perceived human voice sounds.

Medical Advances for Treating Tinnitus

Some individuals suffer from tinnitus which is a condition characterized by the constance presence of noise in the inner ear or persistent “ringing.” With innovative treatments, these symptoms can be alleviated or eliminated.

How Hearing Aid Companies Made Us Happy Human Cyborgs

The advancement to technology hearing aid companies have adapted to empower humans to retain abilities that have been weakened or almost lost, could arguable categorize our species as cyborgs. These advancements have saved human lives and restored people’s happiness.

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