FDA Announces NEW OTC Hearing Aid Guidelines | The Doctor Cliff Show LIVE

What The Experience Of Getting a Hearing Aid Is Like

A hearing aid is not a bad thing. Look at all that it can do to improve your life.

How to Make a Hearing Aid Fashionable

A hearing aid doesn’t have to be something you dread wearing. There are several different options that even allow you to conceal it. These are the styles where the device actually sits inside of your ear canal.

Hearing Aid Care And Maintenance For Your Device

When you purchase or own an expensive item like a hearing aid, it is important to know how to correctly care for it. Each hearing aid may be different in care instruction, so it is important to investigate the care of your particular type.

What Hearing Aid Is Right For You?

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of all elderly Americans will need to use a hearing aid. For most people, this decision will be something that has to be made later in life, but for some, choosing a listening device may come earlier.

The History Of the Hearing Aid

A brief history of audio amplification devices, from battery powered telephones to modern hearing aids to digital implants. One hundred years of progress in improving human senses.

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