Eustachian Tube Dysfunction & How to Fix it! | Ear Problems

Hearing Comes First For Audiologists

For anyone that is considering becoming an audiologist, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the depth of responsibility that this reward has to offer. In essence, audiologists are ear doctors.

Are You Being Driven Crazy By The Constant Ringing In Your Ears? Just Try A New Approach

Anyone that suffers from tinnitus or constant ringing noises in their ears will tell you just how annoying and debilitating it can be. Although it is not obvious to others, this condition can really have a significant impact on your physical and also mental health. The constant nature of the problem can really be hard to cope with and solutions are not always easy to find.

Ringing Ear Cure – Tips For Getting Relief From Tinnitus And Preventing Severe Cases

Reliable statistics shows that over 65 million Americans are affected by ringing ear, while about 12 million out of these 65 million people are suffering from severe cases of tinnitus, to the extent that it interferes with their normal way of living. Although this condition is not a disease on itself, it is a sign of an underlying illness or medical condition.

What Is the Best Treatment for Tinnitus? Probably Not the One You Might Be Thinking Of

Choosing the best treatment for tinnitus is really up to you. The cause of this problem can stem from many different conditions. You could have triggered it when you were younger and listened to extremely loud music through your headphones. It could have come from your loud work environment, where you should wear ear plugs but you never do. No matter what caused it, the problem can be unbearable for some people. The downside about seeking treatment for tinnitus is that most physicians have different ideas as to what treatment will actually work.

Myths About Cosmetic Ear Surgery

There are various kinds of cosmetic ear surgery. Here are some myths about these.

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