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Why Do I Have Intermittent Whistling in My Left Ear? Find Out!

Yes, that whistling is annoying, but will it ever go away? We’ll talk about that.

Correlation Between Tinnitus and Stress

When one stresses, the brain goes “wild” and produces many chemicals which can lead to weird things happening in the body. The pituitary gland is a big player in the role of what your body does when under stress, and thus can lead you directly to the symptoms of tinnitus.

Psychological Effects Of Tinnitus

There is no denying that one of our treasured senses is hearing. Our world is full of vibrant sounds, so when something is impacting it, we often seek out answers about what is wrong. Find out more…

The Link Between Cardiovascular Disease and Hearing Loss: A Growing Role for Audiologists

This article summarizes the link between cardiovascular disease and low-frequency hearing loss, and highlights a recent study that suggests low-frequency hearing loss could be an early indicator of cerebrovascular disease (an indicator of stroke potential) or a predictor for developing cardiovascular disease. These studies underscores a growing need for Audiologists and Physicians to work in partnership for the best health outcome of patients.

Use of BERA in Hearing Loss in Infants and Pediatric Age Group

Congenital Sensorineural hearing loss is a common entity in children. This article describes an important investigation, BERA or brain stem evoked response audiometry, for identifying this condition.

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