Eargasm Earplugs – Expert Review and Audio Samples

A Hearing Test Can Even Help Those in Middle School

Ms. Jones was a science teacher at a middle school. She loved her job and she loved teaching her students about the different parts of the body.

Certain Professionals Should Take a Hearing Test Several Times a Year

Many people shy away from certain jobs because of the danger that could be caused. For instance, some people would never choose to work as a coal miner. That may be due to a lot of the recent news stories that have shown coal miners trapped underground for days.

Don’t Hesitate To Get A Hearing Test

Jenna had been a professional audiologist for 10 years, when she finally deciding to start her own center. As a new owner, there were many things she wanted to implement that she thought would help improve her patients’ experience. One of the things she ran into while working in her earlier days were people who weren’t necessarily in favor of getting a hearing test.

The Hearing Test Process Is Not Difficult

The process of getting a hearing test may seem difficult. However, this way of thinking is far from the truth.

Battery Acid and Hearing Aids

Every once in a while something unexpected happens to your hearing aids. One of the more rare instances of damage is when you’re hearing aid batteries are either exposed to steam and thus malfunction or burst because they needed to be replaced or had a manufacturing defect. While considerably rare these incidents can happen.

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