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Where to Turn When Your Hearing Aid Needs Repairs

There are many shops that advertise hearing aid repair. Be careful of these shops. Hearing aids are complicated devices and it’s important to find someone with experience repairing your specific brand and model. The best way to handle broken hearing aids is to visit with your hearing healthcare professional who can send them directly to the manufacturer for repair.

What to Expect From a Thorough Hearing Test

A hearing test is a series of evaluations. A specialist will determine if there are risk factors to your ability to hear.

Taking a Hearing Test – What You Should Do

A hearing test, most often performed using an audiometer, is an exam which measures an individual’s ability to hear higher and lower frequencies. Failure to hear beyond a certain threshold is often a sign of diminished auditory ability and a sign that treatment should begin. This treatment could be done in the form of surgery, earwax removal, or could be limited to the use of auditory aids and listening devices.

Hearing Loss Consequences

Many people suffer from hearing loss, are aware of the issue, and continue to refuse or delay intervention and management. There may be a variety of factors that lead them to this resolve. Many are in denial that a hearing impairment exists, or feel as though it is a loss of youth and strength. People worry over financial concerns, or truly believe they can get along without amplification.

Preparing a Child for a Hearing Test

A hearing test can be hard for a child. Make sure they know they have nothing to worry about.

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