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What to Look for in a Hearing Aid Provider

Realizing you or a loved one may be dealing with hearing loss and possibly in need of hearing aids can be a very difficult change to accept. While hearing loss can occur at any age for a wide variety of reasons, it is most frequently associated with aging.

Your Hearing Evaluation

Suspect hearing loss and having a hearing evaluation performed? What can you expect? Each evaluation can be different based on the testing performed.

Why Do I Have Hearing Loss?

The cause of your hearing loss is individual to your situation. There are multiple issues that produce impaired hearing sensitivity. Sometimes those causes are easily determined, while others are based on presumption and may remain vague and indistinct.

Hearing Loss in Childhood

Childhood hearing loss can be hard to understand, difficult to decipher, confusing for the child and anxiety-causing for the parents. The number one thing to remember concerning hearing impairment in childhood is early intervention.

How Does My Hearing Aid Work?

On a basic level, all hearing aids are small amplifiers. With today’s digital technology, this amplification can be finely manipulated to suit a patient’s hearing loss and needs. There are 3 main parts to every analog and digital aid: a microphone, receiver (small loudspeaker), and battery.

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