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What Causes Tinnitus?

There are lots of myths surrounding the causes of tinnitus or ‘ringing in the ears’ but unfortunately research has been unable to confirm the exact cause. If you want theories though, there are plenty!

Tinnitus – Effective Treatments Are All Around If You Know Where To Look

Are their effective treatments for tinnitus? This can sound hard to believe when your doctor tells you that it is “incurable” and no way to reverse it and all he or she tells you to do is to try sleeping with the television on or some other similar “masking” strategy. So what can you do? What real options are available?

Tinnitus – Essential Oils Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers?

Tinnitus and essential oils – could one solve the other? That is the question on the lips of some sufferers. In this article, I will tell you more about this treatment and how it works. I will ask whether it is effective and worth trying. Finally, I will tell you where it stacks up against all the other tinnitus treatments out there.

How Long Will Tinnitus Last? – Learn How I Found Out!

Wondering how long will tinnitus last? After you read this article you will find out the way I choose in order to find how long my tinnitus would last.

Protect Your Hearing to Prevent Tinnitus

Large sound waves and extreme sounds or repeated exposure to loud sounds can eventually do damage to the ear drum and the inner workings of the ears. In addition to causing tinnitus, it can also lead to hearing damage.

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