Differences between OTC and Prescription Hearing Aids | The Doctor Cliff Show LIVE Episode 4

Hearing Center: Avoiding Noise Damage

Anyone who has worked for more than a day in any hearing center around the country has met someone who has suffered noise damage. Read on to learn more.

Hearing Center: Devices That Can Protect Your Ears

If you have a job that involves a great deal of noise, you need to consider wearing ear protection. You can get many of these items at a dedicated hearing center near you.

Hearing Center – Taking Care of Your Listening Aid

Listening aids one might buy at a hearing center seldom are covered by health insurance. Why this deficit exists is anyone’s guess, but it behooves the owner of one of these aids to take good care of them.

Advice And Tips On Dealing With Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a medical problem involving the ears. Individuals that suffer from tinnitus, feel ringing sound in their ears. This ringing sound leads to irritation, low quality of sleep, interruption for others, it even triggers depression.

Hearing Center – Getting Assistance for Your Disability

Anyone who works at a hearing center can tell you a million stories, all of them painting a life of auditory loss in different colors. Here are some of the people that can help you.

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