CRAZY Growth in the Ear Canal | Surfer’s Ear due to Exostosis

Who Needs a Hearing Test?

A hearing test is something almost anyone should have. Consider this just to make sure you are healthy.

7 Signs You Need a Hearing Test Soon

Do you need a hearing test? Know the signs that may indicate you need to have a test to check your ability to hear well.

Hearing Test: Evaluating an Audiogram

Whether you’re interested in getting into the field of audiometry or would simply like to be able to read an audiogram before the doctor can come back to explain the results, it can be instructive to learn how to evaluate your hearing test. While amateur study cannot compare to a doctor’s evaluation that has been tempered by not only education, but also years of experience, medical experts are quick to point out that a patient is their own best advocate. Even a cursory knowledge of what an audiogram chart is saying can help you converse more intelligently with the administrator…

Who Should Seek Out A Hearing Test?

Should you have a hearing test? Though it is a normal part of health screenings, there are other times when these tests are important to undergo.

Hearing Test Crucial To A Musician’s Ears

A hearing test is critical to protect musicians from harm resulting from playing and being exposed to music constantly. An examination can assess the damage already done to your ears, and suggest ways to protect them in the future.

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