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What Is Tinnitus? Causes And Treatments

Though many may suffer with the symptoms, there are also many who do not know the medical term or wonder just what is tinnitus? In simple terms, this refers to the noise that can be heard inside the ear or head of the affected person.

Curing Tinnitus Starts With Understanding The Causes

Clinical research is now saying that the most likely tinnitus causes are really microscopic changes in the cells that are part of the hearing system. You may want to know what caused the changes in those cells.

Tinnitus Remedies – How to Get Rid of Tinnitus Naturally

The most effective tinnitus remedies are those remedies that target the underlying causes of tinnitus. Unfortunately, the root causes cannot always be identified and so this is when it can be hard to apply an effective tinnitus remedy. But there are other things that you can do, which you’ll discover here.

UC Berkley Scientists Undertake Some Research Into Tinnitus Treatment Programs

On the 17th of September it was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle that scientists from UC Berkeley are developing a new avenue for treating this condition. To this end they have identified a phantom limb syndrome which is often experienced by amputees.

Developing Comprehensive Access to Tinnitus Treatment in Developing Countries

Although tinnitus treatment is not definitive, there are plenty of therapeutic strategies that can be adopted. Developing countries lack funds and it is therefore imperative that they do not rely on conventional medication as a solution. Instead they have to consider the holistic approaches.

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