Bluetooth Hearing Aid Users: DO NOT Do This IOS 16 and Android 13 Update!!!

Hearing Aid Cost, Getting the Best Quality for Your Budget

Hearing problems are usually experienced by many people. Some are born with the problems whereas others develop them in their course of living. There are many types and models of hearing devices. Several factors can be considered while making a choice for a hearing aid device that will suit one best.

Hearing Aid Devices Have Improved Tenfold in the Last Decade

Since ancient eras, eradication of diseases has always been a goal of many scientists by coming up with new treatments. Hearing impairment has been a challenge for many years to cope with. Ear damages and malfunctioning are usually hard to restore to normal functioning.

Why Does Hearing Loss Affect Memory And Thinking?

Most people with mild or moderate hearing losses feel they hear fine but it’s people around them that mumble. They might become tense, anxious and depressed without knowing it’s their hearing loss contributing to their malaise. Furthermore, as hearing loss progresses and the brain is deprived of an adequate amount of quality sound, the structure and function of the brain’s neural networks is compromised. The increased effort to hear takes resources away from other more demanding functions such as thinking, remembering and comprehending. Hearing well is essential to optimal brain function.

What Is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who assess, diagnose, manage and treat hearing and balance related disorders. They specialize in the areas of prevention, assessment, identification, and rehabilitation of hearing loss and balance disorders across all age groups, from birth to elderly.

3 Tinnitus Home Remedies – How to Heal the Ear Problem Naturally

As a symptom – not a disease, ear ringing can be caused by various factors. Consumptions of particular drugs (e.g. antidepressant, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, etc.), earwax buildup, a tumor, ear infection, neck and head trauma, ear damage, and constant exposure to loud sounds are some of several factors that may cause ringing in the ear.

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