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Hearing Loss Prevention

Excessive noise exposure is a very common cause of hearing loss, and is one of the most common occupational hazards in the U.S. Repetitious exposure to loud machinery over time can decrease hearing sensitivity. Even a single loud sound heard within a close range can instantly damage hearing! Many have already acquired irreversible damage and others are exposed to dangerously high levels of noise daily, while most take no notice. Noise-induced hearing impairment is often so gradual that its effects are downplayed by the listener with the loss.

Modern Hearing Aid Features

Hearing aids of every sort work in the same basic way with the same basic components. There are four basic parts: microphone, amplifier, receiver, and a battery. Modern digital hearing instruments also include a computer chip capable of precise programming and processing.

Hearing Screenings for All Age Groups

Hearing screenings are available for all age groups. Screenings are fairly quick, and serve to reduce the need for full hearing evaluation and to identify hearing loss as early as possible. In many areas, these screenings are available to newborn infants!

Why Getting a Regular Hearing Test Is Vital

When was the last time you had a hearing test? Many people would answer this question by stating that they have never actually had one. That’s because this isn’t seen by some as being as important as going to the dentist or getting a checkup at the doctor.

Hearing Loss Types

Testing is available to determine if functional hearing loss is present. Central hearing loss is also not a standard hearing loss, but it is due to dysfunction in the central processing areas. While the peripheral hearing system is functioning normally, processing of sound is damaged at the level of the brain. Symptoms of central loss may be similar to sensorineural hearing loss.

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