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Tinnitus Hearing Loss Due to Hearing Damage

Tinnitus is not always due to hearing loss. However, no matter what causes tinnitus hearing loss, the fact remains that it can be very annoying, discomforting and disrupting. If you want to learn how you should deal with it, here are some pointers that you might find helpful:

Tinnitus Information

Tinnitus is a health issue now affecting many thousands of people worldwide. Until now conventional medicine has had little success in treating this debilitating problem.

Stop the Ears From Ringing

There are more than 50 million people from all age range suffer tinnitus. Right until this moment, professionals, scientists, ENT surgeons and doctors from all over the world are conducting experiments to find the best cure.

Hearing Loss: What Is Conductive Hearing Loss?

Conductive hearing loss is the second most common form. It will effect around 20 million people at one time or another. This article looks at the causes, symptoms and treatment of this type of hearing loss.

Hearing Loss: What Is Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

Many people with hearing loss are confused between the different types. Knowing which group your hearing loss falls into can be very important. It will lead you to understand the cause, the symptoms and more importantly the treatment you should be undergoing. This article covers one of the main types – Sensorineural hearing loss.

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