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What Is the Tympanometry Hearing Test?

There are different types of options when it comes to having a hearing test and what they will evaluate. Consider all of the options including tympanometry.

How Can a Hearing Test Help You?

A hearing test can give you a lot of helpful information. It can confirm that you or a loved one is suffering from a loss of hearing and what type. It can also help determine what course of treatment is best.

The Benefits of Having a Hearing Test

A hearing test can be the first step in getting you the auditory aid that you need. Life without the ability to hear can be extremely difficult. A sound evaluation is easy, painless, and best of all it is often free.

The Common Hearing Test With Audiometer

This article is about the hearing test that uses the audiometer. It also describes the other kinds of tests that may be used for hearing.

Having a Hearing Test Every Few Years May Benefit Your Child

A hearing test is an important consideration as your child grows. One should be given at birth and then periodically through preschool years and school years.

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