Are rechargeable hearing aids DANGEROUS?? #shorts

Dealing With a Hearing Problem Like Tinnitus

Those who are experiencing any kind of hearing problem know that it can be not only distracting, but debilitating while trying to go about your everyday life. Some people go on for years experiencing symptoms of some kind of dysfunction without ever realizing there may be a sound, medical cause to their hardship.

Getting Used to a Hearing Aid and Planning Ahead

For anyone who has gone through the process of finding a hearing aid, you know it is all about planning ahead and trying to get the right device. In other words, you spend so much focused on getting the device that you aren’t concerned about what will happen after the fact. Are you going to need help when venturing out into the world with a hearing aid?

How Your Ears Hear Sounds in 5 Easy Steps

How your ear hears the most minute sounds from the drip of a tap across a room to the immensely powerful rumble of thunder ten miles distant is an amazing achievement. In our 5 steps, when you read this article, you will find out how those sounds are transported into our brains for us to “hear” them.

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment

Neuromonics is becoming the new unknown in the tinnitus world and now neuromonics tinnitus treatment is slowly taking over Australia. However what is it and does it provide results?

Stop Ear Ringing Noises – 3 Proven Natural Ways to Get Tinnitus Relief

Find out about pure, wholesome, natural ways to cure your tinnitus. After wasting precious time and money on unsuccessful attempts to treat my tinnitus and the ringing in my ears, I finally learned how to get relief from the constant highly annoying ear ringing and other ear noises that are caused by tinnitus.

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