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Stapedectomy – Surgery for the Middle Ear

Stapedectomy is the surgical procedure for the removal of the innermost bone of the middle ear. There are three bones in the middle ear – incus, malleus and stapes.

Ear Infection Treatment Options

An ear infection occurs in the middle ear and causes pain and may also be accompanied by a fever in the person who is suffering from it. The goal that doctors have when they administer any type of treatment is to relieve the suffering of those who suffer from this type of infection. The infection can be caused by either a bacterial or viral infection.

Sudden Ear Ringing Could Be Tinnitus

Ever suffered from sudden ringing in the ear? Did you know that this could be tinnitus?

Is It Possible to Gain Tinnitus Relief? Yes It Is

Misconceptions abound about what tinnitus is, what its causes are and whether it can be cured. For years we have been told that we just have to put up with it as an inevitability of growing old. But the problem is that Tinnitus can and does attack anyone. The good news is that intrusive, and usually unsuccessful, medical interventions are not the only option. Tinnitus relief is a reality.

Ear Pulsating – 3 Simple Steps to Eliminate or Reduce Pulsating Tinnitus

Ear pulsating can become a very stressful condition to live with. Realizing for the first time that your ears are pulsating can be very frightening, and as the days go by all you think about is whether this awful noise ever leave you alone. In this guide you will find the causes for pulsatile tinnitus and 3 simple steps to reduce and eliminate the ear pulsating – without medication or surgery.

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