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Hearing Loss – Bringing Seniors Back Into the Conversation

Hearing loss in seniors can lead to others mistakenly thinking that seniors are confused, difficult or apathetic. Additionally, the senior may be embarrassed by the loss and resist seeking out medical help. The inability to fully communicate can lead to frustration and isolation. The key here is communication and enlisting the following strategies to bring these seniors back into the conversation:

Five Reasons to Wear a Hearing Aid

One in seven adults in the UK experiences hearing problems, so it’s important to see a Hearing Aid Audiologist. Hearing can deteriorate with age, but there are many devices out there which can improve your quality of life.

Ear Infections and Traditional Chinese Medicine

There are two types of ear infections, inflammation (otitis): external and internal. External otitis, also know as swimmers ear, affects the outer ear. It is generally caused by an upper respiratory infection. Internal ear infections are many times caused by poor diet (cold, damp).

Should I Buy Hearing Aids From an E-Store?

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially since the recessionary dip that occurred in 2008, more people have turned their backs from retail outlets and franchises. People want to look for cost effective ways in order to maintain their standard of living.

The Impact of Hearing Loss in Children

When you suddenly lose your ability to hear, you feel grieved and sorrowful. It is very difficult to deal with it initially. Hearing holds great value to us and if we lose the ability to hear, it can be a very emotionally charged situation for us. For children, it can be even more painful and can cause a lot of emotional trauma. Loss of hearing can have a great impact on children. Some of them are as follows:

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