4 Reasons Why Hearing Care Professionals HATE Doctor Cliff AuD ?

Caring for Hearing Aids in the Summer

Summer presents new challenges for people who wear hearing aids. Learn what special care should be taken to prevent damaging your hearing devices.

Four Common Hearing Aids and Their Benefits

Hearing aids can improve moderate to severe auditory loss. Contact your local audiologist today!

Things You Should Know About Your Hearing Aid Battery

How well your hearing aids will work and perform has a lot to do with your hearing aid battery. Don’t let yours wear out too quickly and diminish the quality of your sound. Here’s a few frequently asked questions and helpful care tips that can help you maximize its life, keeping your sound quality crisp and clear, and your volume and noise control operating efficiently.

Signs of Hearing Problems in Toddlers and When to Visit a Pediatric Audiologist

Children can develop hearing problems at any age. If your toddler is displaying signs of hearing loss, schedule an appointment with a pediatric audiologist.

How To Find Relief From Tinnitus With Medication, Hearing Aids, And Other Treatments

Are you one of the estimated 50 million Americans who suffer from tinnitus? Medication, hearing aids, and other treatment options may help. Read here to find out all about them.

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